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Protect Your Family & Home with ZMANA.

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Always-On Protection

Your system connects everything in your home to keep you safe and secure, 24/7.

Repair & Service

If there ever comes a time when you need help with your system or if you’re having any problems, our local staff will always be here to assist.

Install & Configure

We have our team come to your home and professionally install the hardware and cameras for your home.

Professionally Monitored

In emergencies, your monitoring service alerts your local police, fire or EMS.



By the time other home security systems alert you to a potential threat, it could be too late. ZMANA’s professionally installed systems will help you by using  the latest smart camera technology to detect unusual activity early and take action. Your system is always on guard with us.


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ZMANA Smart Security Systems

You’re more secure with ZMANA. Expertly installed, customized for your home, and controllable from anywhere.

  • SMART Home Automation 100% 100%
  • Smart Home Security 100% 100%
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring 100% 100%
  • Doorbell Video Cameras 100% 100%
  • Locks & Garages 100% 100%
  • Temperature Control 100% 100%
  • Fire & Carbon Monoxide Safety 100% 100%
  • Lights & Shades 100% 100%
  • Water Protection 100% 100%
  • Central Control App 100% 100%
  • Smart Appliances 100% 100%
ZMANA automation systems Hawaii

Protect Your Kupuna

Protect your Kupuna with our proactive Wellness technology. This includes video monitoring, automatic lights, locks that alert you if the door is not secured and so much more.

protect kupuna with security systems

Peace Of Mind, Connect Anytime


You can connect with family members anytime by using the push to talk on our Wellcam camera means they can call you anytime. You can also see them through the Wellcam camera by using your smart phone and our app.


Monitor Their Wellbeing

  With our smart system installed, we can alert you to any unusual activity in their routines. This includes but not limited to:  
  • Wandering: Mom’s bed sensor tells us that she’s been out of her bed since 3AM!
  • Their Food Intake: Your dad’s refrigerator door sensor lets you know that the door has been opened up less than normal.
  • Inactivity: Dad’s chair sensor indicates that he’s sitting down longer and getting up less than what he normally does. Time to check in on him?
kupuna security
protect senior family members with security systems