Commercial security system

From Small Businesses to Large Enterprises, We Customize To Your Needs.

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Your Business is SAFER WITH ZMANA


Arm or disarm your security panel, cancel false alarms and manage employee user codes. 

 Access Control

Mobile control and flexible rules will protect your staff and business while giving you the access you need.


Our intelligent systems will automatically arm themselves daily. Share footage to anyone, anytime.


Control your thermostats, get alerts if temperature-sensative areas are compromised instantly.

Protect Your Business With ZMANA Commercial VIDEO system.

commercial video surveillance Hawaii
hawaii commercial security systems

A Business Surveillance Solution For Any Size Business


From office managers to CEOs, dozens of top businesses in Hawaii rely on ZMANA technology to run their businesses more efficiently. ZMANA provides the advanced service tools your business need to get the job done right.

Our systems are ideal for protecting the company’s assests, operations officers, business owners, IT directors and more.

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Smart Security Systems For Businesses

Calculated Interface Our Business Dashboard gives you a full view of system status, video feeds, employee access, and temperature monitoring across all of your business locations.   Intelligent Automation Smart security system which reduces false alarms and protects your business with intelligent automation rules that gives you a full picture of what matters.   Impenetrable Protection Our interactive technology with full end to end encryption and two-factor authentication ensures your asset is protected.
hawaii commercial security systems
hawaii commercial security systems

Multiple Cameras – One Screen – Multiple Locations.

We can incorporate all of your cameras from multiple locations onto one screen. Our interactive dashboard makes it easy for you to protect, view and activate your business online, no matter where you are.

We offer real time control of every location on our network. You have full control over alarming the systems, door locks, temperature control and much more.

We also save all of your video history for up to 1 year, just in case you ever need to pull the footage and review them for any reason. Reports include summariesof access history, tempatures, video footage, etc.

Business Activity Analytics

Improve Your Business Operation With Activity Analytics.

Business Activity Analytics is a new way to manage your business space and protect your business by using the smart technology on our commercial security camera system. Our cameras use special algorithms to create cules around the movement of people. Business owners can use the data that has been collected by the smart cameras to make additional decisions based off the data.     Occupancy Tracking We use virtual tripwires to determine  the total occupancy at any given time and area the smart cameras are monitoring. The system will give you a notification if the area has too much occupancy. Set different parameters to your needs.   People Counting Draw a virtual tripwire anywhere our smart cameras are monitoring and track how many times someone crosses the virtual line in one direction. Very useful data for owners.   Heat Mapping Draw a geofence and track and visualize where customers spend the most time within an area during a specified date and time range.   Queue Monitoring Draw a geofence to count how many customers are in a defined area like a checkout line and measure the average wait time and get alerts if the que length or time exceeds a present limit you set.
business activity analytics Hawaii